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Make your writing pop.

Three elements of Pop Writing:

1) Personal: Write about stories and experiences.

2) Observational: Write about hidden truths.

3) Playful: Make your writing fun with puns and jokes.

Like Pop Music, Pop Writing makes your writing catchy and memorable.

Sentence starters for personal writing:

∙ "I saw..."
∙ "I felt..."
∙ "I heard..."
∙ "You've been there..."
∙ "You may have noticed..."
∙ "You've probably seen."

Write about personal experiences.

Sentence starters for observational writing:

∙ "I noticed a pattern..."
∙ "Look at this trend..."
∙ "The best-kept secret is..."
∙ "If you turn your head..."
∙ "You don't know this, but..."
∙ "You haven't seen that..."

Write about things that surprise you.

How to make your writing playful:

∙ Play with words
∙ Use silly words & phrases
∙ Add sensory words
∙ Storytelling
∙ Jokes, puns & riddles
∙ Add imaginary characters

Bring out the kid in your reader.

This is one of my favorite POP Writing paragraphs, written by @rorysutherland.

It's insightful, descriptive, and funny.

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A marketable piece of writing needs to be strong in at least two POP writing areas.

But if one of the three pillars is missing, the piece of writing might lack energy.

To make your writing memorable, you need a strong balance of all three — personal, observational, and playful.

To become a POP writer, you need a swiss army knife of tricks.

You need a balance of personal, observational, and playful.

Here's a list of tools you can use to make your writing POP.

Here is the full recording of my POP Writing Workshop.