A Twitter thread by Jon Yongfook.

Don’t target your SaaS at other indie hackers. It’s a small niche of people who like to build things. They would rather spend a month building / replicating your product than pay the fee. Target companies who have zero time to do that and need your solution now.

The scariest and most challenging hurdle for an indie hacker is to “find your market”. That’s why it’s so tempting to try to just serve customers like you, in the same echo chamber. Don’t. Work hard at busting out.

For indie hackers, I think freemium is already dead. And I think soon, sub-$10 subscriptions will be too. There’s just too much noise these days. If you’re just getting started, I would think long and hard at “what would <specific type of company> pay $100 a month to solve?”

From @JohnONolan
“$5/month customers are just terrible” (read the article for more nuggets) “We've doubled our prices 3x since then, and each time we do, we get nicer people who value the product more and create fewer problems.”