A Twitter thread by James Pierce.

Effortless Stoicism, a thread.

First, removing a misconception: By eliminating your emotional reactions, you will not become unfeeling. Rather, you become sensitive to nuances of which you were previously unaware.

Now on to the matter at hand.

Effortless stoicism does not come when you have control of your emotions, but when you no longer need it.

Attempting to change your emotions will lead to the same discomfort you are trying to flee.

Approaching stoicism by way of a method is an attempt to override your default way of being. A permanent change cannot be reached in this way.

Stoicism is a natural byproduct of wisdom, and this is not arrived at through effort.

Just as it requires no effort to have an emotional reaction, it requires no effort to be unemotional.

Effortless stoicism will come when you have dismantled everything in your mind that produces reactions.

Your reactions come from the way you understand the world. Change your understanding, and the reactions will change of their own accord.

A simple, but powerful, heuristic: Illusions result in emotion, truth results in equanimity.

Rid yourself of illusions, and you will rid yourself of all unwanted emotions.

The great lie at the center of all emotional reactions is that the world has something of value to offer you.

Nothing will satisfy you forever. Nothing will grant you permanent happiness.

When you are indifferent to the events in your life, they will not have the power to cause reactions.

The truth is that all reactions are unfounded and unjustified.

Reactions are prompted by desires, and these desires do not hold up under scrutiny.

Man’s mistake is to believe that his pain is created when his desires go unfulfilled, but it is the wanting that creates the pain.

Only when you ask nothing of the world can you be truly free.