A Twitter thread by Caroline Orr.

Per the Floyd family’s legal team, the independent autopsy also found that compression on George Floyd’s back — not only his neck — contributed to his death.

So the other officers who helped pin him down restricted his airway further, leading to his death.

Per the independent autopsy, George Floyd had severe abrasions on the left side of his face due to his face being scraped against the concrete as the first officer jammed his knee into the left side of Floyd’s neck. The abrasions are “evidence of severe pressure”, the dr said.

Per the Floyd family’s legal team, the independent autopsy did *not* find evidence that George Floyd had any significant heart problems or pre-existing blockages that would have contributed to his death.

“There is evidence of traumatic asphyxia” leading to George Floyd’s death, the independent medical examiner said, contradicting the results of the initial autopsy from the county medical examiner, who reported no evidence of traumatic asphyxia.

“Sustained pressure on the right side of Mr. Floyd’s carotid artery impeded blood flow to the brain, and weight on his back impeded his ability to breathe,” according the independent autopsy, as reported by the legal team.

“The independent medical examiners found that weight on the back, handcuffs, and positioning were contributing factors [to his death] because they impaired the ability of Mr. Floyd’s diaphragm to function,” per the family legal team.

“From all the evidence, the doctors said it now appears Mr. Floyd died at the scene,” the family’s legal team says.

“For George Floyd, the ambulance was his hearse," a lawyer for the family said.