A Twitter thread by Jay Hulme.

Do you ever think too much about space and the earth and the fleeting nature of human existence and the vastness of all creation and of how small and insignificant we are and yet how within that small insignificance is all we will ever know, and just utterly fuck yourself up?

Look at these people - they're just... doing repairs, in space, and New Zealand is Right There, and I cannot handle it.

This image contains all of human existence, all we have done, possibly we will ever do, everyone who has ever lived and died and all they have ever achieved is right here.

I could hold it in the palm of my hand.

Thinking about space breaks me Every Time.

I wanna see the earth from space. It'd probably break my brain - but imagine the poems I'd write.

Oh how fleeting, yet how grand, is all of human endeavour.