A Twitter thread by Josh Pigford.

1/ An entire college course in a tweet storm: How to Burn Bridges 101

2/ Look, I get it. Applying for a job is stressful and can be pretty depressing. For many, regardless of your skill level, you're basically signing yourself up to get rejected over and over again.

3/ I also get that a lot of people have been discriminated against and treated really poorly during the hiring process.

There's no excuse for companies treating potential job candidates poorly.

4/ However, if a company is hiring 1 person and they get 2000 applications, 1999 will get rejected. It doesn't even mean that company wouldn't hire you down the road. It just means there was only 1 spot and math says that means 1 person gets hired.

5/ Eventually, that same company will likely hire for that role again and previous applicants are many times the first folks that company will reach out to about the role.

6/ If you plan on being in a similar role for years to come, you'd likely serve yourself well to not be vulgar and call people racists simply because the person doing the hiring has to make some hard calls and can't hire everyone.

7/ By acting that way you're only validating their decision to not move forward with you AND ensuring you get passed on in the future.

8/ Hiring is one of the hardest things to do, but what's definitely harder is actually applying for jobs.

The whole process feels broken. We're aware.

We try hard to make it enjoyable and also be respectful to the candidates because really we're grateful anyone applies at all.

9/ But if you notice a company trying to do the right thing and quickly respond to your application (we try to respond to all applicants in <24 hours), you're only hurting yourself by hurling names and insults.