A Twitter thread by Adam Singer.

šŸ”„ take: (paid) influencer marketing is still a massive bubble. If your brand is paying so called 'influencers' to shill, it's because your marketing team is bad at their jobs and doesn't know how to do acquisition at scale properly (or build their trust in social organically).

Sorry. No one, absolutely no one knows who any of these people on Instagram are IRL. They aren't celebrities they're salesman swindling SMBs and large brands of ad $. For large brands, I mean who cares. But the swindling SMB part is troubling.

Online marketing is hard. You have to build a community and the way you do it isn't by forking over $ to have kids post memes about you. Maybe if you're trying to shill some gag gift but building a real biz in social requires investment in a competent team to put in the hours.

Users acquired from paying celeb 500K to shill wares=same equal as via Group on. CLV is likely trash even if you get some sales up front. Think about the quality of users who follow celebs online. You're not borrowing trust from them - they don't have any. Just attention. Big diff.

If your co requires (paid) influencers to peddle a product there are 100% existential issues. If ever one of my consumer investments does it I'd probably sell it. Just screams "we don't know how to do organic or paid marketing appropriately." It isn't scalable /doesn't compound.

To be clear: humans promoting your brand organically does work. I have likely sold more @SennheiserUSA cans via social/email/chat than anyone online. But have never once asked for a dollar from them and would never expect it. Your co should work to get 1000s of people like this.