A Twitter thread by Kent C. Dodds.

Tip: Intentionally train your brain to listen to audiobooks/podcasts at a higher speed.

I've been working on this for the last 5 years and I'm at 3x (which is as high as most players go).

Our brains are capable of amazing things. They just need exercise!

It's astounding to me how many people just flat out don't believe that humans could possibly be able to do this and retain what they hear.

"I can't do that, so nobody else could" seems to be the attitude. Asking me to prove that it's possible, implying I'm lying I guess?

The fact is that I'm not lying. This is possible. And what's more, blind people are able to listen at speeds of 6x. (If you don't believe me, listen to this starting at ~10 minutes: https://www.npr.org/2019/12/13/788003640/episode-959-things-we-learned-in-2019 …)

If speeding up podcasts and audiobooks isn't for you, that's fine. I don't care. It's just silly of people to suggest that it's not reasonably possible for anyone else 🙄

It is possible. You can probably speed up your "normal". And I'm able to consume more information thanks to the fact that I've taken the time to train my brain to do this over the last few years. Our brains are incredible. It just takes work.

Fun fact: when I listened to that planet money episode and they played the 6x example, I was listening at 3x, which put that at 18x for me 😂 I played it back at 1x and was able to make *some* sense of it which was pretty neat.

More on this. I do need to pause sometimes to reflect on what I heard. I think that's normal.

I also have to concentrate or I can't remember anything which I think is a plus. If it's too slow, it's too easy for me to get distracted. Because it's fast I know I have to pause it if I need to do anything else.

Also, this hasn't impacted my enjoyment of conversations or talks in real life. I don't even think about the fact that it's "slow".

I do sometimes speed up TV shows if I'm not super invested.

I don't speed up music.