A Twitter thread by Michael  McGill.

Listened to the excellent @joerogan podcast #1309 with the insightful and wise Naval Ravikant @naval yesterday. Probably my single favorite podcast episode. Naval was on fire. I had to keep pausing to take note of what he was saying. Here are my main take aways:

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"Work like a lion, not a cow."

We need to work in short, creative, powerful bursts. Like a lion hunting. Not in a slow, tedious, monotonous pace like a cow chewing cud.

"If you want to see who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticize."

Powerful insight. Who am I afraid to criticize or challenge? That gives me a pretty good idea of who I allow to have power over me.

"Peace comes from the inside, not the outside."

An observation that at first appears "trite". But those trite observations tend to be the truest. Most of my life I thought I had to change outside circumstances for peace. I am slowly learning it is all an inside job. Very stoic.

"Your real resume is a catalog of your suffering."

Our struggles, and victory over them, are what form us and make us unique. Happiness is a universal experience. Our struggles are unique and personal.

"Learning to be alone and enjoying it is a superpower."

Meditation, reading, time alone, in quiet, doing absolutely nothing. These are all important to help us form ourselves and our own thoughts, instead of allowing social media, the news, and society to over-influence us.

Evernote screenshot of all the notes I captured from the podcast. Thanks @naval for all the great content and wisdom you are putting out into the world. We need it more now than ever!

Because a few people have asked here is a link to the podcast episode on YouTube. https://youtu.be/3qHkcs3kG44