A Twitter thread by Blair Braverman.

Pepé scouts the field

Let me tell you about Pepé yesterday. She was loose all night and we only discovered this because she had snuck into all the other dogs’ houses and stole their bones and arranged them in a pile behind *her* house.

Then I went to drive the ATV and make new trails in the field and after a few minutes Pepé appeared and started running the new trails beside me. “Remember these, ok?” I told her. “You’ll be leading the team on them.”

She was still out in the field when I got back and started getting ready for a dog run. A friend was over helping out, and once we had the harnesses and gangline set up, we were ready to go. But where was Pepé? I hadn’t seen her come back.

“Hey Pepé!” I yelled. “Come back! We need you!”

I watched the field. No movement.

Then something yawned. Pepé was lying patiently on her house—where she’d been the whole time—watching with interest as I looked for her.

She trotted over and stood next to the harnesses, waiting for me to put hers on.

Because clearly I needed her help.

“This dog is scary smart, huh?” asked my friend.

Um, yes. If Pepé had hands she could run a whole dog team herself. She basically keeps us humans around for our opposable thumbs.

Anyway, she led the team on a perfect run—and, naturally, navigated the new field trails beautifully.

It was just a regular day, but reminded me again how grateful I am to have this genius leader/athlete in our lives. I truly don’t know where we would be without Pepé (and her babies!).

Thanks for running this team with us, Pepsi-Cola. We love you.