A Twitter thread by Vibin Baburajan.

[Thread] @visakanv's tweets are his public journal - raw and real.

1. On unpaid internships: if you're going to work for someone for no pay, you might as well work for yourself.

2. When you cut back on playing dominance games, you free up space to play “connection” games, which in a social sense require more vulnerability.
Insulting someone is much easier than telling them you like them + accepting that they might not quite like you back in the same way

3. As a child, I was radicalized by libraries into believing that life can be a glorious adventure of joy and learning

4. In the early days, humans supposedly stored food surplus in each other's stomachs – I can't eat the whole deer I just hunted, so I share my deer with you today, you share your deer with me tomorrow

IMO the best place to store information surplus is in each other's minds

5. The more I get the privilege of getting to do stuff I actually really want to do, the more I’m forced to reckon with the fact that procrastination isn’t just about aversion to icky, tedious tasks - it’s also substantially about aversion to failure and disappointment

6. Every relationship starts out as a celebration of your best similarities and differences, and eventually becomes a painful discovery of your worst similarities and differences.

The challenge is to keep the former in focus, without denying or denouncing the latter

7. When I was young, I was pretty brash, loud, cocky- and also very conflicted & uncertain - and I fantasized about eventually becoming hyper-competent

I would say I have crossed more checkpoints than I had hoped

The most surprising thing is how *quiet* real confidence is

8. When you write a lot, you start wanting to reference past material. So you subconsciously start finding ways to compress things that you’ve previously written- purely to cope with bandwidth constraints.

Amusingly, when you succeed at this, people start calling you insightful