A Twitter thread by Sizhao Yang.

1/ What are some unpopular ideas that could be wildly distributed in the future in the nex 5 years among the rich and distributed across the upper middle class in the next 10-15 years? This is a thought experiment. Please feel free to add your own.

2/ A couple of rules, just ideas, no personal attacks. Thought experiments.

3/ Here a couple: home schooling is better than public/private schooling, the new private school is EKG computer enhanced brains for emotional and cognitive enhancement, investment banking will be replaced by Eth/Neo/Qtum and ICOs, bitcoin will reserve currency of world not USD.

4/ Meditation is a form of cognitive therapy just like weightlifting that will enhance social, creativity, and focus. Pill taking to augment intelligence will be normal, the next united states will be on the moon as it's the new frontier opened up by bezos and musk rockets.

5/ The genetic foundations of IQ, cancer, and diabetes won't be found instead realizing that it's almost all behavioral and environmental (read almost. I acknowledge genetic differences).

6/ Fecal transplants will be the way to treat disorders, getting fecal transplants from your friends & families, adults will get blood transfusions for stem cells to keep themselves younger from younger people,

7/ We have many more wars (read real wars, not skirmishes) as people realize the platform that Trump is on is part of geopolitical wave for the Bretton Woods treaty, China will have an economic black swan and liquidity crisis in the next 10 years.

8/ Trump is not an anomaly but simply a reflection of geopolitic demand and the next series of Presidents for US and EU will be even more isolationist and espouse similar thoughts reflecting a nativist political base.

9/ There will be an intervention from the government like how Phillip Morris and the 7 dwarfs were taken down via Cigarettes toward Digital Addiction. Hackers will use early versions of Quantum Computers to create massive havoc and get paid using anonymous digital currrencies.

10/ Psychedelic drugs will come to the forefront to treat untreatable diseases like PTSD, the new police checking bad behavior is publishing your story on social media and the judicial system will be circumvented as people lose trust.

11/ Blockchain will help spur massive economic growth in Africa, south east asia, mexico due to its rule in allowing commerce without corruption bringing dry law and avoiding Hernando de Soto Polar destiny for new countries NOT banking the underbanked.

12/ The largest primary school in the world will be a network of parents and preschoolers in the cloud, Stanford will be Ycombinator as people use it as a badge and don't really care about true entrepreneurship

13/ Urban cities will simultaneously increase AND suburbs will simultaneously increase leading to expensive mega cities and an explosion in suburbs.

14/ The biggest commodity export for oil rich countries will be bitcoin not oil, corn, or any other commodity.

15/ Personal Gene Editing (like the personal computer) (CRISPR) and Gene Editors (profession) will be employed to remove diseases and be personalized for beauty, health and will be used for most people.

16/ The new Facebook is going to be Discord. As public shaming causes public identities to go into semi private groups. This will cause polls and the effectiveness of other items to go down as people manage their public/personal personas.

17/ The new bitcoin oligarchs will be the biggest set of angel investors in history funding diverse projects all over the world and they themselves will be outside of the USA located in low tax countries coordinating via telegram and digital tools.

18/ Badges from Harvard will decline in relative importance as badges from triple byte and work based badges (YC). Your resume will consist of Udacity, Coursea, Triple byte, YC, Techstars as signaling. This is adult education in the future.

19/ The next manufacturing blue collar job (middle class) are the people who learn to operate the new smart machines (CRISPR, deep learning, reinforcement learning, robots). Note I said middle class and blue collar.

20/ The bitcoin utopia of socialism and communism won't be realized. Instead it will be the Cloud United States: high Gini Coefficient, trust in the contracts, frictionless commerce between heterogeneous people without need for reputation.

21/ Meaning the future USA isn't China and a physical country but the cloud USA named bitcoin and all the ecology of altcoins enabling networks of trust that's secured by computers and not by other people. Reducing corruption costs between everyone.

22/ As people live to 150 or 200 with enhance biomedical technologies, more GMOs and Monsanto companies will emerge (not less).

23/ The #metoo movement is simply the first case of decentralized groups taking down wrong doing in society. Just like Black Lives Matter, Arab Spring were enabled by social media. This will accelerate more and more becoming the judge, jury, and executioner w/o any courts.

24/ Tesla will not die like Apple in the 90s, but instead like Apple and Android. The new ways of electric cars coming out will help cement its role as the "best electric car"

25/ The new luxury bags are: having more children not less, talking about your health, eating quinoa, alluding to your bitcoins, home schooling, having started a startup. What are the new LV bags?

26/ Medical tourism toward Centers of Excellences not inside your country will be common for major issues.

27/ Cloud based networks will fix healthcare not working within the existing political system and healthcare system.

28/ The new startup hub will be in Toronto as more angel investors emerge from exited AI startups and foreign grad students apply to Canada and not the US due to taxes, immigration, and finding jobs.

29/ What else? What have you said to your peers and "normal" people, where they had a grimace or a look of horror when you said it. That's probably the test, not the echo chamber of Twitter.

30/ A famous VC once said the role is not future prediction but to see the present clearly. Put in another way. What do you see in small populations around the world that you think will be wildly distributed? The future is here, you just don’t know where.