A Twitter thread by Sizhao Yang.

1/ Update 2018. What are some ideas that can be popular in the next 10 to 15 years? This is a thought experiment. Please feel free to add your own.

2/ Maker Dai and Compound Finance will have an outsized influence in wrapping value, lending, and providing key use cases in crypto. This linked with WBTC, is the early use cases of interoperable value within crypto.

3/ Virtual dolls like Noonoouri will be influencers and be prevalent in social media posts posing with real people.

4/ As more and more social media uncovers bad behavior online, the side effect is that any brands that can enable trust will be supreme. This includes brands using configurable data, blockchain, and crypto authenticated data structures.

5/ Just like everyone uses SSL without knowing it, as the cost for proving and verifying zero knowledge computation goes down, this will be universally pervasive to prove financial, information, and enabling attributed based marketplaces around key verticals.

6/ Ramification of the central bank pushing a policy of financializing the entire world will lead to large revolts and eventually a revolution. This will pit the Somewhere against the Anywheres. Causing Frexit, EU dissolution, Euro dissolution, and more https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk/2017/03/anywheres-vs-somewheres-split-made-brexit-inevitable …

7/ Socialism, communisms, yellow vests, Glen Weyl are simply the rise of populism and will continue for the next 10 years. If not managed properly will cause revolutions, regional wars, and possibly more. Ocasio Cortez is not an accident and simply the beginning.

8/ Ecommerce has fundamentally been organized around reviews and ratings. The next generation is organized around transparency and experience using sites like labdoor, live streaming, and community generated products like Glossier.

9/ Blockchain is based on broadcast validation system. There will be other types of crypto networks that incorporate a different architecture enabling zero knowledge, flexible validation rules, and more flexible layer 1.

10/ The USA will go through a financial crisis that causes inflation due to its central bank policies that will usher in the era of Bitcoin. This will be accompanied by a devaluation of the Dollar, and an inability to pay foreign debts.

11/ China will likely usher in the era of CRISPR babies that are genetically modified to have less disease, stronger, smarter, faster and this will usher in an arms race with parents pushing the best for their genetics causing a Sputnik moment.

12/ Decentralized finance, high real estate cost, universal online education, and communication tools will break the monopoly of tech for Silicon Valley. The chances of a global network happening outside of S.V. is increasing over time.

13/ The trend of having cesarean section will lead to bigger and bigger foreheads, enabling babies to evolve beyond the vaginal canal as a restriction for growing babies have large brains.

14/ Fintech innovation will come from London/Sweden into the U.S. due to the relaxed regulation and easier E-money license. The revolution will be distributed through Whatsapp and through internationalized countries.

15/ Jurisdictional competition will allow ferocious global competitors to emerge from where there is the least regulation to the most. Bio (China), fintech (London), blockchain (malta/london), AI (China). This is the reverse of what previously happened.

16/ Nigeria will now start exporting code and companies and be the Silicon Valley for Africa.

17/ Real age will replace biological age as more tests allow you to test your aerobic capacity, skin quality, internal organs (i.e. vo2max) and is able to judge the long term effect of your habits. "How old are you?" "My biological age is 40 but chronological age is 30."

18/ Google and the Aggregation framework will stop having the compound effects as voice computing, ecommerce ads being native, and security layer of internet (crypto authenticated data) make the compound effects lessen.

19/ The most profitable segment of society to target for a tech company is the anywheres not the somewheres. This is contrary to existing startup scripture. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/uk/2017/03/anywheres-vs-somewheres-split-made-brexit-inevitable …

20/ Premium content and subscription is the way for the next generation media company not freemium. There will be vertical specific media companies that will be very large. This is contrary to the freemium aggregation approach right now.

21/ People will realize that wireless has gone too far with 5G and cell phones. This will cause lower sperm count, cancer. Credit @KlendathuCap

22/ The next generation are deep work tools enabling you to break away from the addictive social media that focus you entirely on news and not relevance.

23/ The next generation social media website will focus on collection, guidance, and modeling sequence. An example is syllabus or guides for your life from masters in a given vertical.

24/ Techno nationalism will be the next emergence of governments having sophisticated government operations for espionage, politics, development, corporate. This will be a philosophy that's utterly different than the lawyer driven politician culture of the U.S.A.

25/ Neo liberalism or progressives will have a larger and larger back lash against it. Yellow vests was the turning point in Western based countries that rejected the Davos elite, multiculturalism, banking culture without jail time. Will eventually erupt.

26/ Young people donating platelets will be the new luxury good for the rich to stave off the grim reaper.

27/ The dominant retail experience will be like Italy and instagramy stores. Vertical grocery + restaurants that provide unified experiences for everything around the specific category.

28/ What things are you seeing that's localized but intensely that you think would be fascinating if it's distributed?