A Twitter thread by Alexandra Erin.

I just have to say: we told you he'd be this bad.

And some of you are probably going, "Well sure you said there would be crackdowns and stuff but you didn't know *this* was going to happen."

If it hadn't happened this way, it would have happened another way.

I have made the point every time somebody seriously posited an nth-dimensional chess with multiple layers of traps that Donald Trump is an *opportunist*, not a strategist.

Something was always going to happen.

If you haven't noticed, there's always police violence and always racism in this country. If you haven't noticed, there are always natural disasters and new diseases making the rounds. Always. It's just a question of the right confluence of events.

When I say he'll just cancel the election if he feels like he can get away with that, remember all the things you didn't think he could do that he did anyway before you tell me he can't.

He'll cancel the election if he feels like he can get away with it.

And if he does that he'll stay past his end of term in January if he feels like he can get away with it. He'll say "It's not fair, antifa and the fake Democrat virus hoax stopped the election that I would have won very strongly, it's not fair for me to leave now."

And the Republicans in the Senate will say, "Well, he has a point, and sure, there's it's unprecedented, but this is an unprecedented situation."

And anybody you think might step in with guns will say "We don't do politics, we just follow the chain of command."

As far as the military or the secret service or anyone else is concerned, there's a political disagreement about who is president but possession is nine tenths of the law and most people will be trying earnestly *not* to shoot anyone who might be president.

And I was talking about the other day how vote-by-mail works, by and large, because people are people and we work well within systems, it's just human nature, but Trump... he thinks he's in the Matrix and he's seen the code and he's The One, just because he doesn't do that.

Our whole political system has only ever worked at all because people have limits, people have shame, people have a point past which they can be caught so dead to rights they give up and go along with it.

RICHARD NIXON had enough sense of shame and enough sense of participation in the system to leave when he was caught badly enough.

Donald does not. Does not have either of those things.

And to be clear when I talk about "this happening" as in "we told you this would happen", we are at the start of "this". The "this" that is happening. It's just beginning. He's just setting up his toys.

It is going to get worse, it is going to get so much worse from here, and the only thing that can stop it short of someone physically stopping him is if he fears he can't get away with it.

Contact your Republican Senators and Reps, please. And your govs/mayors, either party.

I know it sucks to call Republican electeds. I know it feels like they aren't listening and it's pointless. But they're nervous about what's happening, not the fake "concerned" of Susan Collins but nervous about their future.

Donald Trump is at his most dangerous when he feels invincible, and when he's got "the unlimited power" of the military at his beck and call, when he can have protesters gassed so he can do what he imagines is a walk of power for a photo op...

Yeah, it's pretty funny that he was cowering in a bunker, but A of all the Secret Service dragged him there, and B of all even if he was scared in the moment (likely) that just makes him more determined to project strength in the next moment.

He's not going to be easily frightened by protests and dissent right now because he's got his Big Strong Generals to fight for him. Basically the only angle we have for making him nervous and uncertain is targeting his Republican Party support.

And no, it's not hopeless. Yes, they're fully complicit and spineless and he is the party leader. But that doesn't mean they have completely given up on their self-interest, they're just mostly sure for now it lies with him.

As long as he feels invincible, he will do literally whatever he wants.

If he feels uncertain, he'll start to second-guess himself. He'll vacillate between different courses, listen to and then distrust different people around him.

We're safer if he is afraid and uncertain than if he is feeling strong and sure of himself.

Target Republican electeds. Communicate to them your fear and anger over his use of troops and CBP and his inflammatory rhetoric.

Talk to your state and municipal leaders... if they're already at odds with him, voice your support, if they're welcoming federal police and troops then tell them you won't stand for that.

This is something that a lot of us can do even if we can't be out on the streets for reasons of disability or remoteness or anything else. It's not the only thing that needs to be done but it needs to be done.