A Twitter thread by Mr. Mircea.

1/ Human beings rarely signal their strengths consciously; what they mostly signal is their weaknesses (usually disguised as strengths), because these occupy their conscious mental space to a far larger degree than their strengths do.

2/ Example : If someone is hammering on about meditation and awareness (e.g. this account in the past) you can bet your life that they are the farthest from what they project and in fact the truth of the matter is they are actively struggling with their own mind dominating them.

3/ Generally our lives are about solving problems, and most problems are caused by the inherent deficiencies and cognitive imbalances in our personality. We are always dealing with what we are lacking, attempting to bridge the gap and compensate.

4/ Insights are a product of personal struggle with one's own demons. It is wrong to assume that the insight corresponds to anything but an attempt to balance aspects that are out of balance, and to take it at face value; often the person producing it struggles the most with it.

5/ This is not a qualifier that pertains to the validity or usefulness of any insight, but it's an important qualifier in terms of how we perceive the individual producing it.

6/ Instead of assigning to them an image of wisdom and ability beyond our own it's best to remember that this is in fact what they would like us to see them as because that is how they wish they were, but usually the reality is the exact opposite.

7/ Paying attention to what people signal and how they signal it can be a very good indication of their personality (and its deficiencies/problems in specific). Often the more matter-of-fact one expresses an idea the more they themselves have a desire and need for it to be true.

8/ Throughout our lives we will put emphasis on our deficiencies and usually our best insights are produced through that struggle, but they do not, by themselves, resolve it. It's useful to understand that the insight is an indication of a struggle, rather than of an arrival.