A Twitter thread by Josh Constine.

THREAD: After writing hundreds of articles about about apps this year, here’s my wishlist of feature launches like Twitter DM search & Uber “Quiet Ride”. First up, Instagram... 1/

Instagram should launch web DMs, low upload quality warnings, and a See More Like This button that injects a burst of extra pets, selfies, fashion, etc into your feed. 2/

Twitter desperately needs DM search (how is this missing?!), and Unfollow Suggestions to help us nix accounts we never engage with, especially now the chrono feed is back 3/

Where to even start with Facebook. Beyond not breaking democracy, we deserve Batched Notifications like daily digests about Groups or Events so we’re only interrupted by urgent alerts 4/

Uber/Lyft/etc should add a “I need more time” button” for when the ETA is too soon, and a Quiet Ride button where the driver can accept an extra $1 to let you chill in silence. 5/

Spotify/music apps should turn photos of our CD collections into playlists, and offer a “Friends Weekly” playlist of recommendations & frequent listens from your pals. 6/

Snapchat should try growing...but seriously, Bulk Export For Memories would protect users if it fails and either a 360 or zoom lens add-on for your phone would actually make it a Camera Company. 7/

iOS would benefit from being able to shoot GIFs, switch Wi-FI or Bluetooth device from Control Center, and set gradually louder alarms so I don’t wake up to a fright. 8/

Here are all my app update suggestions. Thanks for letting me play armchair product manager. What do you want to see launched? 9/9 https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/24/all-i-want-for-christmas/ …